Best Embroidery Machine – The Ultimate Buying Guide & Top Picks

best embroidery machine

Ask sewers this question: which is the best embroidery machine? And you will find the answer is: it is very hard to find the best.

Or is it? Well, it isn’t, provided you know what features distinguish the best machine from the ordinary. Once you have identified those features – and start looking for them in the machine – you’ve taken a giant step towards landing the best rated embroidery machine.

And to help you in taking that step, this article comes into play.

For the last couple of months, we reviewed every nook and cranny of various embroidery machines to get a clear idea of what constitutes a perfect embroidery machine. Right from the needle threader to the foot pedal, we didn’t ignore anything to make sure you get the top embroidery machine

Did we succeed in our quest?

Only you can answer this question.

Questions to Ask Before Buying A Best Embroidery Machine

As long as you aren’t curious, you cannot know more than others about any subject. And as long as you don’t know more than others, your selection can’t be foolproof. Therefore, before you buy an embroidery machine, ask these questions to make sure the machine fits your needs.

Which Brand Is Best?

Three brands lead the way whether you are looking for a residential or commercial monogram machine. They include Brother, Janome, and Singer. Narrowing down our choices, both Brother and Singer lead the way if you are looking for a home model. If you want to go high-tech, the innovative, state-of-the-art software and accessories offered by Brother are unparalleled.

However, if you are willing to forego technology in favor of easy-to-use machines, go for Singer. It produces machines that won’t do everything, but that are very good at what they do. Put simply, they produce machines which are fit for specific needs.

Another reason why these brands deserve your attention is the warranty they offer. Yes, their products reach the $1000 mark, but the 25-year limited warranty is enough to support both these companies’ products.

Embroidery Area

For laymen out there, embroidery area is the portion which the machine can embroider in one go. The smallest machines have a 4”*4”embroidery area whereas the bigger ones setting at 8”*12” and up. Whatever your needs are, always get the BIGGEST EMBROIDERY AREA your pocket can afford.

Still, if you can’t afford to pay more price for a bigger embroidery area, you can buy separate hoops which are available in the market. Remember, these hoops won’t increase the embroidery area, as they only enable the machine to embroider multiple areas without the trouble of re-hopping.

Thus, before you buy a machine, try to understand its embroidery area.

Built-in Alphabets It May Have?

During our research, we found out that the majority of machines offer only as much as a couple of alphabets that are built-in. Now, if you want more built-in alphabets in your machine, you have two options.

First, some manufacturers give you the option of purchasing separate software programs to increase the alphabet options. These programs work both on Mac or a Windows computer – and since you’ve to pay for them, they offer the best option to increase alphabets.

Second, if you aren’t willing to spend more money, search for companies that give free lettering software. These companies – after you’ve purchased their machine – give you a code to their website to download a lettering software free of cost. However, the alphabet options in such a case fall below what the paid software will give.

What Are The Display Options?

Of the many reasons why experts don’t recommend basic model machines, the major reason involves the difference in displays between different machines.

For example, if you want a clear view of the design you are embroidering – which means you won’t have to consult the book to check the design, go for the colored, touch screen model. They offer different functions, allow you to split the screen in half to compare designs and are easy to navigate.

These features offered by colored machines are in stark contrast to the horrible displays of black and white screens. For, black and white machines usually do nothing but to give you a bad picture of the design you are making. And as it turns out, you spend more time consulting the book or the computer than your machine to check whether the design is right or not.

Thus, if you don’t want to waste your time and can afford to spend a bit over the odds, go for colored, touch screen embroidery machines.

Sewing/Embroidery or Embroidery Only?

Once again, it’s your needs which should dictate you to buy either of these machines. There are machines out there which are convertible into sewing machines. Then there are others which stick to their name. The choice, once again, is yours to make.

Still, if you ask for our help, we’d suggest looking around you. If you already have a sewing machine in your house/office, we won’t recommend paying the extra cost for a convertible. However, if you haven’t, you might want to pay that extra cost.

Does It Allow to Transfer Embroidery Designs?

These days, most of the embroidery machines allow transferring designs via a USB stick. Whether you want to move designs from the CD or import them from your computer, these USB sticks do come handy.

If you are willing to spend more, you may get your hands on a machine which allows transferring designs via the Internet. These machines have built-in Wi-Fi receptors for transferring designs. Finally, if you work in a group, there are machines offering cables to transfer designs from one computer to the next.

What Service And Warranty Are on Offer?

As suggested earlier, the best brands offer a 25-year limited warranty on their products. These brands have trained technicians who save you a lot of worry and time when the machine is due for an annual checkup.

What’s more, these brands offer you the service of hiring their technicians to perform your tasks on your premises. In this way, you won’t have to ship your machine off to the manufacturer – a process which is costly, risky and also takes a lot of time.

Additional Features You May Want

If you are willing to pay extra, here is a list of features which can add extra value to your machines. Take a look:

Archable Fonts

This feature allows you to curve your lettering, hence making your designs different from that of your companions. It also gives you the option of combining the curved fonts with other designs to make your design stand out.

Thread Trimming

I love trimming all my threads by hand, said no one ever. What if a machine takes the thread off your hands and clips all of them automatically? Yes, this feature does exist.

Embellishment Capability

Grown bored of regular embroidering? Want to add some beadings or sequins to your design? There are machines with attachments which will allow you to do just that.

Variable Speed Option

Even Usain Bolt takes some time to warm up, so why shouldn’t you? Thankfully, some machines offer variable speed controls, whom you can use to start the machine slowly before gradually speeding it up.

Automatic Thread Tension

If a machine has an automatic thread tension feature, there would be fewer thread breaks and even fewer instances of puckering. Hence, if you have invested in a machine which adjusts the thread tension automatically, the mistakes which happen because of improper thread tension will be gone forever.

Safety Feature

There are machines out there which have a safety feature which either stops the machine or lets you know when the bobbin thread is going to run out.

Best Embroidery Machines Comparison Table

Brother DZ820E

21 x 13 x 17 inches
28.4 Pounds
4.3 Star Rating

Brother PE525

20 x 15 x 15 inches
22.2 Pounds
4 Star Rating

HAITRAL Portable

7.5 x 3.6 x 7 inches
2.1 Pounds
3.5 Star Rating

Brother LB6800PRW 

21 x 16 x 22 inches
36.6 Pounds
4.4 Star Rating


29 x 18 x 12 inches
33.2 Pounds
3.1 Star Rating

NEX Sewing

15 x 13 x 7.4 inches
12.9 Pounds
4 Star Rating

Embroidery Machine Reviews

Brother SE400

Even before you have looked at its features, remember this machine has got something which the majority could only dream of: the best seller status on Amazon. Thus, if you want a machine which is trusted by the majority, your search ends here.


If you hand embroidered in the past – or still do – you may understand the agony your mind goes through while hoping to unravel a new design. This machine, thanks to its integration with, would save you that agony.

Yes, consult the website, and there are thousands of designs for you to purchase. From limited-edition designs to Disney characters, the store has everything. All these designs are affordable, and you can download them directly to your Brother SE400.

As for the LCD screen- which is colored and touch screen, it is the area where most of the action lies. There are 67-stitches for you to choose from on the LCD screen, meaning you can go after the most advanced sewing with the utmost precision.

If you are like me – meaning you leave smudges all over your LCD screen, Brother has included a tap pen in the package to save the screen. Consequently, you can choose all your settings without leaving a trace behind.

Also, if you have a knack for monogramming, the SE400 honors your interest by providing five different fonts. Whether you want to give your gift a personal touch – or just want to leave your signature underneath your design, these fonts will come handy.

Finally, just like its main set of features, the extras which come alongside the machine are also unparalleled. For example, to save your finger from pricking, the SE400 has an automatic needle threader. There is also an automatic thread cutter to cut your bobbin thread and top with ease.


  • Back-lit display is easy to view
  • Have Lots of Useful Extras
  • Gives tutorial through its LCD screen
  • Easy and fast to thread before getting started


  • Since the bobbins case has built-in sensors, it needs frequent cleaning

Final Verdict

Despite being an affordable machine, the SE400 has got all the features which you normally expect of high-priced machines. Hence, if you don’t want to pay over the odds – but still want your machine to have all the goods, the SE400 is what you need.

Brother PE770 5×7 inch Embroidery Machine

Before SE400, it was the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine which was the occupant of the best seller status on Amazon. Even now, it is ranked second, meaning its large work area, the ease with which it allows users to import designs and a huge LCD screen still has admirers.


If there is one area where this machine leaves behind SE400, it is the large embroidery area which it offers. For, while the former offered a decent 4”*4” field to play with, PP770 has upped the ante by giving away a generous 5”*7” playing field.

The larger space means you can combine multiple designs with a minimum number of rehoops to disturb you. So, whether it is a monogram or a simple design you are working on, space is one issue you’ll never have.

In addition to giving away six lettering fonts, provides 136embroidery designs. You can get quilt patterns, scrollwork, border styles, frame shapes, and florals. Also, while I believe that the designs offered by the machine are more than enough, this machine still gives you the freedom to enlarge your collection.

The USB port and the built-in memory allow you to import additional designs to expand your creativity. What’s more, you can also use the Brother Embroidery Cards to purchase designs separately.

As for the LCD screen, and it does much more than just allowing you to choose your design. For example, you can edit your design, preview, mirror, and rotate it and can also make it smaller or larger depending on your preference.

Finally, if you want to have complete control over your machine, you’d love the speed control lever on the side of PE770. Use it, and you can control how slowly or quickly the machine sews.


  • Variable Speed Control
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer and Needle Threader
  • Huge Collection of Built-in designs
  • Large Embroidery Area


  • You can only use it for embroidery

Final Verdict

While it is a bit expensive, the flexibility, durability as well as the quality offered by this machine is brilliant. Hence, if you are satisfied with the sewing machine you already have – and just want to add an embroidery machine to your collection, there aren’t much better out there than the PE770.

Brother Designio Series DZ820E

Being the most expensive machine of the three we have already mentioned, this machine justifies its price tag by providing a huge number of embroidery designs and hoops in the package.

Will it meet your needs? Let’s find out.


Starting from the embroidery area, Brother has provided this machine with a huge 5”*4” embroidery area. Thanks to this area, this machine will be adequate for producing the majority of designs available in the market.

Since it comes with a usable computerized feature, you’ll find this machine a cinch to navigate through. For example, all you have to do to get the model running is to select the stitch function, design and a couple of other settings before the machine takes over.

Best of all, you get an automatic needle threader in the package meaning a simple press of a button, and the machine will automatically needle the thread through the needle’s eye. Moreover, whether you want to change the embroidery design or the tension setting, you can do virtually anything and everything using its LCD screen.

Finally, just like its main features, this machine impressed me with the extras at its disposal. For example, its top surface is solid and scratch-resistant, meaning this machine will withstand to abuse with aplomb. Similarly, if you want to get a polished finish with no snares and snags, you can keep the bobbin firmly in its place thanks to the jam-resistant top load.


  • Generous Embroidery Area
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Has Six Alphabet Fonts and 200additional Embroidery Designs
  • Loads of useful extras


  • Very Expensive
  • Can only be used for embroidery

Final Verdict

If you want to impress your colleagues with new designs everyday – and are unafraid to pay over the odds, this Brother Designio Series Machine deserves your attention.

Ever Sewn Hero 400-Stitch Multi-Featured Durable Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Talking about embroidery machines that are criminally underrated, the EverSewn Hero is one of them. Despite the fact it embroiders and sews like a dream and is easy to use, this machine hasn’t got what its features deserved.


When the thread is about to run out, its sudden breakup could disturb the consistency of design. For, in case you aren’t ready, the thread will run out, leaving behind a pattern as inconsistent as Mr. Trump’s policy proposals.

Thankfully, to make sure the design remains consistent, Ever Sewn has provided this model with a special warning feature. As soon as the thread runs low – or finishes or breaks – this feature automatically stops the machine. Consequently, the problem of design inconsistency is a goner if you decide to purchase this machine.

Equipped with a slide, the Ever Sewn Hero 400 boasts a special embroidery module to meet all your needs. For, apart from providing a generous 110*170mm embroidery area, it has a USB port to allow you to import embroidery designs.

What’s more, apart from giving you the option to import designs, this machine has 40built-in embroidery designs of its own. Add them to the 400+ alphabet pattern stitches which the machine provides, and you have got a gem of a product in your hands.


  • Has forty built-in embroidery designs
  • Both sews and embroiders
  • Automatically stops when the thread breaks to maintain the consistency of design
  • Has a USB Port and colored LCD screen


  • The LCD isn’t touchscreen, leaving you at the mercy of buttons to navigate

Final Verdict

Boosting an embroidery module, a system of monitoring for both needle and bobbin threads and a stitch library which boasts four hundred designs, this machine can meet all your requirements provided you can live with its buttoned-navigation.

Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine

If you are a beginner who is willing to go through the jitters which come with first time embroidery, this low-priced option from Brother might be a great starting point for you. While it doesn’t do anything apart from embroidering, it is great for someone looking to learn the art of embroidery.


Despite the fact I’ve classified it as a beginner level embroidery machine, don’t believe for a moment that it has got nothing for veterans. For, be it high quality stitching, integrated tutorials or automatic needle threading, this machine has got all the features normally found on high-end products.

Turning our attention to how it performs, the 4”*4” area gives the sewer sufficient space to work with, particularly if he’s willing to take help from the 70 built-in embroidery designs which the machine has at its disposal.

Better yet, despite the fact it is inexpensive, this machine has 120 frame pattern combinations and five lettering fonts – all of which are accessbible through the LCD touchscreen. What’s more, it features computerized connectivity, meaning you can import thousands of designs after purchasing them from the Internet.

Finally, like other Brother Embroidery machines, the HE-1 has a limited warranty of 25-years and also gives you the option to invoke the company’s technical and customer support whenever you feel like it.


  • Very easy to thread thanks to the automatic needle threader
  • Produces high quality stitches
  • Computerized
  • Inexpensive


  • No editing and auto punching options on the screen

Final Verdict

It won’t be wrong if I suggest that this machine has got something to offer to both beginners and experts. Hence, it doesn’t matter in which category you fall into, the low price and rich feature list of this machine won’t fail to amaze you.


As the abovementioned picks might tell, we spent tens of hours on research to find out and inspect the best embroidery machines. Hence, whether you do embroidery as a hobby or are a professional selling your designs online or to stores, our selection has got something for everyone.