Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 Review

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7

It’s always nice to see that there are many companies trying to earn a spotlight amongst the big players in the sewing world.

That might make competition a bit unrelenting but for the end user, it is a godsent; not only are the prices falling down, the quality oftentimes increases as time moves on.

The reason why we decided to feature the Bernina in this review is because we recognized the passion and spirited sentiment that went into the designing this embroidery machine.

But those two aren’t enough and it remains to be seen whether the Bernina has anything else to offer to the sewing table!

Bernette Chicago 7 Features Overview

  • 80 Personalized Sewing Stitches And 153 Decorative Ones

Just makes the cut for giving enough space for creativity, without cramming hundreds of different stitches that would take you months to get to know them.

Having a bit more for the embroidery enthusiasts among us, the 153 decorative stitches will have someone for most anyone.

The monogramming alphabet is also a nice addition as it allows you to instantly pick a letter and create a beautiful design for all sorts of apparel!

Talk about convenience.

  • Automatic Sewing Control Without The Usage Of Presser Feet

With the start and stop button, you no longer have to put your foot down in order to change the speed of sewing!

  • Bright Light Included

The illuminating light coming from the machine isn’t the sun, it’s the integrated lights that enable you to penetrate through the veiled pieces of dark fabric!

No more hiding from the night as well as grimmer colors as now everything is now bright and clear as day.

  • LCD Display

The LCD screen remind us of Brother machines, as it is not only broad but also sufficiently lit, so that you can keep editing, adjusting and re-inventing designs whenever you please!

  • Auto Drop-In Bobbin

A needle and a simple thread can create so many problems for even the experienced sewer as you never know when things might go astray.

This is no longer an issue as the automatic drop-in bobbin does the job for you. Simply pull the lever and the needle mechanically goes through the thread bobbin.


  • Nicely Arranged User Interface

The aforementioned LCD screen coupled with all of the surrounding buttons really got us worried for a moment.

The problem is as follows; Most sewing machines that accompany embroidery into the package end up being a jumbled mess.

The reason for that is that there is simply too much going on for anyone to realize what goes where.

That is not the case for this product, as every brick has a space for itself, and the two different styles don’t intermingle with each other.

Thereby, all confusion is avoided and sidestepped form the beginning!

  • One Of The Lightest Machines

Since we operate many shops in the US, we found it very important to have a sewing machine that could follow our rigid schedule and not stand in the way while we are at it.

We found the Bernette to be perfect for such a task, as its lightweight design and compact grip aids its flexibility, enabling you to essentially travel with the product!


  • Every Package Is Checked For Irregularities Before Shipment
  • Amazing User Interface Makes For An Wholesome Experience
  • Portable And Flexible


  • It Doesn’t Have A Stitch Regulator


All in all, the Bernette is a great idea that came just at the right moment; no sewing machine is as flexible and portable as she is, given her thin figure and gracious design.

Although the lack of a stitch regulator did dampen our mood, the purchase of this model never came into question.

Definitely recommended!

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