Best Home Embroidery Machine

Picking up the best embroidery machine for home use sounds exciting until you are greeted with hundreds of brands and models, each one superseding the other in features and pricing.

The conundrum is, do you pick one that fits into your budget with the trade-off being limited functionality?

Or, do you pay a tad extra and buy the one that gives you more features than what you need at the moment?

Having worked our way from basic combo-machines to embroidery-only machines to advanced 4-needle ones, we know how confusing it can get when you start off.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best embroidery machines for home use in the market currently. That’s not all. We have also listed down some of the factors that we considered while choosing these machines as the best probable choices that you have.

Sit back and enjoy the read.

Top 4 Home Embroidery Machines On The Market

Brother SE400

Brother SE400

Don’t be surprised at all if you find this unit featured in just about every list of the best embroidery machines on the Internet. This compact-sized combination machine is widely popular among beginner embroidery enthusiasts and for good reason too.

It is user-friendly and allows you to embroider, sew and quilt in a package that costs under $300.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the Brother SE400.

  • Features

For a machine at this price-point, the Brother SE400 is loaded with features. It is the perfect machine for beginners who are sewists (we hate the word sewer) looking to graduate into embroidery. There are 67 sewing stitches built-in to it. These include utility stitches, heirloom as well as decorative ones. You can use a side cutter foot (to be purchased extra) to overcast and finish seams like a serger. There are 70 built-in embroidery designs with an illuminated 4″ x 4″ embroidery area. Once again, this is perfect for home use. While 70 doesn’t sound like too many designs even for a beginner, you can hook it up to your computer and download all the designs you’ll need. Other noteworthy features include an automated needle threader, Brother’s proprietary Quick-set bobbin loading system and a backlit LCD display.

  • Size

One of the oft overlooked factors for a home-use machine is the dimensions. At 10.94″ tall and 6.89″ wide, the SE400 will fit snugly into a corner on your workstation. It weighs a pleasant 13.669 lbs and comes with an easy-to-carry protective case. So, you can easily carry it along to your embroidery classes or workshops.

  • Price

Currently priced under $300, this is worth every penny than you spend on it.

  • Why we like it
  1. It is surprisingly easy to use despite being packed to the brim with features
  2. Built-in tutorials guide you to basic tasks
  3. Is among the most widely used home embroidery machines. You will get a lot of information, support and guidance about the SE400 on embroidery forums.
  4. Back-lit LCD display
  5. 4 x 4″ embroidery area
  6. Automated threader, thread cutting and bobbin system
  7. Connectivity to a computer and embroidery cards

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Brother PE525

Brother PE525

Our next pick is the PE525 from Brother. This budget-priced item has identical features to the SE400. The only difference is that this is an embroidery-only machine. You cannot use it to sew.

If you already have a sewing machine or find it too cumbersome to handle multiple modules and attachments which are common in combination units, then this may be a much better choice for you.

The PE525 is a fun machine. It’s not complicated, has enough features to hold its own when pitted against higher-priced machines and comes with one of the most competitive price tags in the market. Not a bad choice at all for a home user.

  • Features

The PE525 retains the same form factor and design as its predecessor, the PE500. In fact, at first glance, we thought we’d received the PE500 in error. But a closer look revealed the different floral pattern on the front casing.

You have a 4″x4″ illuminated embroidery area, a 1.4″ x 2.7″ back-lit LCD touch screen display and computer connectivity for updates as well as importing embroidery designs. There are 70 in-built designs along with 5 Fonts for monogramming and 120 frame combinations.

For a beginner, that’s a perfect setup that’s not overwhelming. Stitch quality is excellent and this works flawlessly for embellishments and personalization. The top speed is 400 stitches per minute.

The only possible flaw is the limited embroidery work area. As long as you are not fussy about multi-hooping or are looking for large monograms, that’s not really a deal breaker.

Most of the tasks are accessible with a few touches without the need to dig down deep into the menu or submenu. Brother’s signature automation features like needle threading, thread cutting and fast winding bobbin are retained.

Overall, this is a machine that is fast and easy to work with.

  • Size

The PE525 stands 15.55″ tall and 6.93” wide. While this isn’t bulky, it is slightly bigger than our #1 pick, the SE400. It weighs 18.078 lbs. That is pretty easy to carry around. You might need to buy a carry case separately though.

  • Price

Currently priced under $300, the Brother PE525 is one of the most inexpensive embroidery-only machines that you can buy.

  • Why we like it
  1. Basic embroidery-only machine from Brother
  2. Easy and fun to use
  3. Backlit LCD display
  4. 70 embroidery designs, 5 fonts and 120 frame combinations
  5. Top speed of 400 stitches per minute
  6. Priced under $300

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EverSewn Hero

Ever Sewn Hero

At the risk of drawing the ire of some brand loyalists, we would like to pick a very underappreciated combination machine as the #3 pick in this list of the best home embroidery machines. This is the Hero from EverSewn.

If you are a regular in the sewing community, then you are most likely to have heard that brand name before. But if you are a novice, then it probably got drowned by the Janomes and the Singers.

Anyway, this compact machine which includes a separate embroidery module boasts of features like top speed of 800 stitches per minute, 40 built-in embroidery designs and an intuitive user-interface that allows one-touch access to most of the functions.

Let’s take a closer look at why it trumps some of the best brands in the business to make it to this list.

  • Features

Out of the box, the Hero is a sewing machine until you attach the slide-on embroidery module. It has an impressive repository of more than 400 stitches including utility and decorative ones. USB connectivity allows you to import limitless designs. However, it can only read .zhs files. So, if you are downloading .pes files, it will have to be converted before you can use it with the EverSewn Hero.

The Hero operates in a normal mode. You can switch to the memory mode to access stored designs and the embroidery mode is activated when you plug in the slide-on embroidery module.

The embroidery work area is 4.5 x 6.5″. But you can easily multi-hoop with the EverSewn software to increase that size.

Automatic needle threading avoids the need to squint or fumble and there’s an automated alert system that warns you when the thread level is depleted in the bobbin or the upper needle. If the thread breaks accidentally, the machine stops automatically thereby maintaining the consistency of the design.

One of the best features of the EverSewn Hero is the large LCD screen with an array of buttons on the front panel. Commonly used stitches are accessible via a numerical button pad, whereas a rotary knob allows you to control stitching speed. That is a welcome change from the mundane sliders and buttons commonly seen in other machines.

The start/stop button is positioned perfectly near the needle for easy access.

  • Size

The Hero is 21″ tall and 11 inches wide making it bigger than both the machines that we have reviewed so far in this list. However, this is a mid-range machine that is more powerful and has more features. Moreover, the difference in size is only slight.

It weighs approximately 22 pounds and is reasonably easy to carry around.

  • Price

Priced under $600, the EverSewn Hero is a complete value for money. It can easily tackle heavier fabrics like denim and leather. If you are a hobbyist looking to expand in future, this is one of the best choices you have under $1000.

  • Why we like it
  1. Powerful sewing and embroidery combination machine
  2. Compact sized
  3. 4.5 x 6.5” embroidery work area
  4. Intuitive control panel with a backlit LCD display
  5. One-touch access to most commonly used features
  6. 800 stitches per minute
  7. 400 built-in stitch styles
  8. 40 built-in embroidery styles
  9. USB connectivity

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EverSewn Charlotte

EverSewn Charlotte

Our last pick in this list, is the EverSewn Charlotte. This is a computerized sewing machine with a feed dog drop option that can convert it into a basic embroidery machine for free motion embroidery.

It is as barebones as it can get. No fancy features or gimmicks. No bells and whistles or built-in embroidery designs.

If you wanted to explore your creativity by not being limited to what the computer can do, this is what the doctor ordered.

Make no mistake, the Charlotte is a powerful machine that can tackle a variety of fabrics and projects. At the price point, this one is an absolute steal.

  • Features

The unit is compact and built like a tank. It is designed more like a sewing machine than an embroidery-only machine. There’s a control panel on the front with an array of buttons that allow you to switch between stitch styles, switch on the LED in the work area and lower the needle.

There is a small LED stitch panel that allows you to select the pattern and length of your stitches. This can be a life-saver if you were referencing the pull-out stitch library card and forgot which stitch you were using.

It has 70 in-built stitches and the maximum stitch width is 7mm.

Speed is controlled via a slider lever, once again, positioned immaculately.

Even at this price point, EverSewn throws in an automatic needle threader and top loading bobbin system which will make setup effortless. The bobbin has a clear cover plate which shows you when its time for a refill. Also included, are seven standard presser feet (soles).

Changing it into an embroidery or quilting machine is easy. Just drop the feed dogs and you are all set for free motion embroidery or quilting.

  • Size

The Charlotte is the smallest embroidery machine in this list. It is 15.5” tall and just 7” wide. It weighs less than 13 pounds and the compact footprint translates into easy storage and portability.

  • Price

The Charlotte is currently priced below $250 making it a perfect buy for sewists of all skill levels.

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How We Picked These Home Embroidery Machines

As would be evident from this list, we took three factors into consideration while selecting these machines. These factors are the features, the size and the price.

Under the features section, we took into account the automation features, embroidery capabilities, number of built-in designs, expansion slots and the user interface. Even the most sophisticated machine is of little use to a home user if it isn’t easy to use. Ease-of-use was high on our priority list.

The size of the machine is an equally important factor that we consider a deal breaker. Nobody likes to lug around a clunker. So, our focus was to compile a list of compact machines that also ticked the other boxes.

Lastly, we considered the price for obvious reasons. All of the embroidery machines in this list are competitively priced. None of them are priced above $600 making it well within the reach of a discerning shopper.

We hope that this helped you pick the right machine for you. If you would like to chime in with your thoughts, then feel free to reach out via the comments section.

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