Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

What would people do without monogramming?

Things such as company names, your initials or brand names would quickly suffer heavy losses as they would no longer have a unique way to connect with all of their fans and followers.

Monogramming has been around since the ancient times and it won’t fall out of style any time soon:

Humans love leaving footprints of their monikers that they assign special meanings to.

That is why the art of monogramming will be an ever-green endeavor and for those of you that want to get in on the deal, choosing the best monogram machine for it won’t be an easy choice to make.

For that reason alone, we’ve decided to write this article, in the hope that will help you view monogramming in a new light through the lens of the Brother PE770!

The aforementioned sewing machine is perfectly designed for monogramming and we’ll shortly come to the reasons why that is the case.

Why PE770 Is The Best Monogramming Machine

Brother PE770

To really answer that question, we would have to look at the features a machine has to have that are important to monogramming.

These include but are not limited to:

  • A Large Embroidery Area
  • The Ability To Import Designs
  • A Sturdy Build
  • Clear And Bright LED Light
  • A Screen That Shows Your Progress
  • The Ability To Edit Your Designs
  • Automatic Features
  • Versatile Designing Stitches
  • Different Shapes, Styles And Fonts
  • Monogramming Feet
  • Control The Stitch Speed
  • Sideways Sewing

We invite you to guess how many features out of the thirteen listed traits the PE770 has integrated into its design?

All of them, literally every single one of them and that is why it is simply the best monogram machine out there.

Let’s take a closer look at each and every characteristic and see how well the unit deals with it.

  • The Expansive 5×7 Embroidery Field

The last thing you want happening when monogramming is the shirt moving, obfuscating the entire project and running the apparel.

That’s why the table is broad enough to have everything in line and always on sight!

  • USB Port Supported

Import all of your designs from your computer or websites such as with a simple USB stick.

Simply put it into the port an all of your previously saved designs will become available to you!

  • Robust Design

The unit is one the heavier side but there is a giant reason for that: Plastic was completely avoided while building this model, as monogramming requires precision and durability, both of which a sturdy build brings to the table.

  • Illuminating LED Light

The bright light enabled us to install monograms into dark fabric. While it is possible to do so without any special effects, we always recommend models with lights integrated into their build as these types of mistakes are indelible.

  • View And Edit Your Monograms On The LCD Screen

Besides being bestowed with a very good lightning source, enabling even those with bad eyesight to make-out the numbers on the screen, it also allows you to edit any particular monogram at will!

Include or delete a letter or two, test out hundreds of possibilities before making them a feasible reality.

As an added bonus, you’re saving heaps of money as you no longer have to waste a tangible piece of clothing, just to get a design out in full view!

  • Automatic Thread Trimmer And Quick-Set Bobbin

Mechanization is very important when it comes to monogramming and especially when large amounts of apparel are at stake.

If you are an up-and-coming embroidery shop, you won’t have time to trim the thread on a handful of machines as that would require an inordinate number of workers, costing your company valuable assets.

The quick-set bobbin also serves to speed things up and get your design out as soon as possible, every second counts when it comes to larger quantities!

Always keep the latter in mind when going for embroidery machines dedicated to monogramming.

  • 184 Stitches, 136 Ingrained Designs, 10 Frame Shapes, 12 Border Styles And 6 Unique Fonts

Doing the math on how many unique combinations you could make for all of your monogramming needs would be a foolish attempt.

Enjoy unlimited creativity and no boundaries when it comes to your style as you will literally never run out of options!

  • Specialized Monogramming Foot Included

Many machines that are so-called supportive of the art of monogramming don’t even include the basic ingredients needed to make a successful design.

Included with the monogramming foot is the walking and darning foot, taken care of uneven stitches and all of your future quilting needs.

This also begs to show the multifaceted image of this product, there is little room left for error when it comes to its performance.

  • The Slide Lever Let’s You Control The Speed During The Process!

Sometimes, once you’re already done with the type of monogram desired for the particular apparel, you’ll notice that some fabric produces better results with different speeds.

Case in point, you’ll probably tear down the color or even damage the shirt if you attempt to go at full throttle right from the get-go!

That is why the ability to simply turn a lever and adjust the speed according to your needs is so quintessential during the process of monogramming!

  • Sideways Feature Enables Sewing Without Rotations

If you have ever worked on any monogramming project, you would know how much precision and attention to detail is required during the embroidery process.

One wrong move and the entire piece of art lands right into the trashcan!

That’s why any sort of movement is strictly looked down upon and that is also why the sideways feature is so respected in the field of monogramming!

Amazing value.


Besides all of these amazing traits, this product has been nominated and won the ‘Best Buy’ badge from the revered reviewer Consumer Digest.

While hundreds of professional reviewers and customers carefully went through the nominees, they chose the PE770 as the best model for monogramming.

We wholeheartedly agree with their expertise and recommend the purchase of this model for all of your designer needs, with the natural inclusion of monogramming, which is a given!

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