Brother Designio DZ820E Embroidery Machine Review

Brother Designio DZ820E

The Designio series always had the artist in mind, but with the DZ820E, Brother Sewing has really set the bar up high when it comes to quality and value given for just one purchase!

Starting things off strong, they provide the customer with over 200$ of additional accessories, all for the sake of an optimal user experience.

The general outlook for the DZ820E seems to be outrageously positive, but we are far from done here.

Let’s take a closer look at what other features and surprises this product has in stock for us!

Brother DZ820E Key Features

  • 136 Deep-Seated Designs

If you thought that this was a lot, wait before you realize that the additional perks with the purchase include over 200 embroidery designs on their own!

Limitless creativity and no worrying about ever running out of options, the DZ820E gets it all!

  • Upgraded LCD Display

Having an LCD display has become a common rule in the world of embroidery. What does set this one apart from the others is the broad design and an ingrained back-lit light.

Never strain your eyes or squirm around, as this product has got you covered on so many spheres, you won’t even believe your eyes!

  • Large Embroidery Area

We’ll not sugarcoat things for you; the DZ820E is all about going big or going home!

Never experience any issues during the embroidery process, even if large jackets or bigger apparel are at stake.

  • The Jam Resistant Top Drop-In Bobbin

Professionals in the field of embroidery know that when the drop-in bobbin comes from any place else other than the top-load, problems are bound to ensue.

The biggest caveat users experience is the constant jamming and readjusting they have to do.

Say goodbye to that as the Designio Series is all about convenience!

  • USB Stick Supported

All of your external files are no longer hovering around on a stale desktop computer.

Stick the USB right into the integrated port and have all of your previously designed drafts readily available!

  • Switch Between Smaller And Larger Apparel

One of the biggest concerns users bicker about is the disparity between embroidery machines. Some of them are tailored for smaller clothes while other are specifically designed to only go for larger apparel.

The DZ820E supersedes this nonsense and offers a little bit of something to everybody, from the smallest of shirts to the biggest of leather jackets, no job is too tough to handle!

  • Import 1000’s Of Styles Directly From The Internet

Besides the aforementioned two-hundred embroidery designs gifted by the benign hands of Brother Sewing, you can simply head straight to their website, and download up to 5,000 unique designs directly to your sewing machine.

How crazy is that?!

When this company speaks about unlimited creativity, they leave no room for silly jokes.

Even after two years of steady use, we still haven’t found the time necessary to try all of them at least once.

Believe me, neither will you!

  • Automatic Needle Threader

Before you start complaining, we are well aware of the fact that many other models feature one as well.

But here’s the difference: This needle threader truly is fully automated.

The only thing we had to do before plunging right into the job was to press a lever and the thread was pushed through the needle.

Another thing to note and many customers complain of this problem is that regular needle threaders trim the thread unevenly, making the entire point of a mechanized threader fall into oblivion.

That is why this, genuinely automatic needle threader, deserves a special spot in this article.

  • 120V Voltage Adapter Enforced

A good friend of ours that had an embroidery shop from the UK really wanted to test one out for himself.

Our highly-acclaimed review and consistent praise didn’t help too much in getting the DZ820E out of his head, so he contacted customer support and sought advice on what to do.

They replied that there is little that can be done and that his best bet would be to settle with another model, as no warranty could be provided for his home country.


  • Versatile Clothing Options Supported
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Automatic Needle Threading
  • Large LCD Display


  • Even With A Voltage Adapter, You Can’t Use This Machine Outside Of The US!


Brother Sewing have really outdone themselves with this model. It embodies a professional and robust design but is tailored so immaculately, that even a complete urchin could find his way around the machine.

A perfect combination of serious expertise coupled with a creative and free-spirit composition make for an awesome purchase for any type of embroidery enthusiast!

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