Brother LB6800PRW Review

Brother LB6800PRW Review

If you haven’t heard of Project Runway, you definitely should take a closer look at Brother LB6800PRW. Its motto being efficacy with a hint of galore, this multi-faceted machine will satisfy more than meets the eye.

Embroidery or sewing become a breeze with the LB6800PRW and after conducting a couple of tests, our initial visceral response to approaching the product turned out to be spot on.

Are you excited to see what this versatile machine has to offer?

Even if not, by the end of this article, you’ll see just how far embroidery machines have come!

Brother LB6800PRW Features Overview

  • 67 Built-In Stitches And 70 Integrated Embroidery Designs

Keeping things equal on both fronts, enabling you to start with a bit of quilting and then move on to embroidery without any hassle.

We are also in awe of the 120 frame patterns in addition to the five different points with which you can use them.

Good connectedness between the crafts.

  • Professional 7-Point Feed Dogs

One of our staff members couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw those on the models. We already know that Brother Sewing tends to those that are interested in embroidery but can’t possibly shill out thousands of dollars for a machine.

Usually reserved for the top brass of machines, this addition makes it that much shinier in our eyes and wait till you see it for yourself.

To those that aren’t acquainted with the feature, it simply allows you to play with various types of fabric, ‘feeding it to the dogs’ so to say, without any issues.

It’s great to see that professionalism doesn’t have to entail years of experience in the craft. Not with the LB6800PRW that is!

  • Bright Workspace With The Integrated Lights

A much-needed addition to any sewing machine, never be hindered by nature’s daily cycle as you are the one that’s got the environment by its back!

  • Modern Designing Software

Rotate, edit, delete or add new designs in a heartbeat. The large LCD display allows you to do a lot of tinkering with the existing designs, as well as see what the end-result will look like.

We were really impressed by the mirror-image function as it saved us heaps of our own time since we didn’t need to sketch anything.

It is also impervious to human mistake, making it that much better!

  • Stylish Project Runway Bag Included

We’re not saying that such an important choice as buying a good embroidery machine should be made with freebies in mind but there’s an exception to every rule.

The bag is made from very good material and the smooth fabric only further confirms this allegation.

It came in handy when transportation came to question as all the feasible scratches from carrying it barehanded through various surfaces was removed out of the equation.

The bag itself is worth quite the amount of money, but that’s not our point, it’s the convenience it gives you!

  • Tutorials Integrated Into The Machine

This one is perfect for the newcomer as the biggest problem beginners experience when integrating to embroidery seems to be the hours of mindless reading needing to be done.

That is all overshadowed by the aforementioned LCD screen where you can not only control the situation but read on topics such as using the auto-bobbin winder and many more!

We know many people who would have been great quilters but sadly, they couldn’t pass through the beginning stages and therefore never accomplished anything.

  • Automatized Drop-In Bobbin System

During the three-month period of testing, not once has the bobbin thread even dared to jam and we can thank the modernized bobbin system for that.

Set the thread in a heartbeat and with a press of a button, you’ll forget that it even exists!

  • 4×4 Embroidery Table

Although the 4×4 table provided with the machine is respectable to say the least, anything above the standard apparel and you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble.

It’s important to sit back for a moment and think about what sort of work needs to be done before purchasing this unit, as it can save you from a lot of crestfallen moments you’re bound to experience!


  • Sturdy Project Runway Bag Acts As A Guardian To The Unit
  • Tutorials Are No Longer Stuck In A Boring Manual
  • The Bobbin System Is Truly Jam Resistant


  • Not Suited For Larger Designs


We have always been very adamant about the Project Runway and always supported its course.

Intermingling quilting and embroidery into one machine wasn’t an easy task, but Brother eventually finds a solution to every problem.

The contemporary LCD screen from where you can learn a lot about the craft itself, coupled with the impromptu way this model gels to the user and to top it all off, a sleek and stylish bag as the finishing touch make this a purchase worthy of embellishments!

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