Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE525

Don’t mistake the words soft for weak as Brother PE525 puts the entire industry to the test with its gracious and polished design.
A designer embroidery machine at its core, no embellishment of any sorts is strange to the PE525!

We always hold designer machines in high regard when it comes to reviews, so we are excited to see what this product can bring to the table, complementary to the shiny exterior that is.

Let’s dig right in and put this unit to our strenuous tests!

Brother PE525 Key Features

  • Automatic Thread Trimmer

With a simple push of a button, you’ll be able to save vast amounts of time in lieu of the traditional means when dealing with the thread.

Leave all the complicated intricacies to the machine and never feel burdened by embroidery ever again!

  • USB port Included

We’ve already mentioned that Brother seems to have the creative spirits in mind when they put this item in the shelves.

If the seventy built-in designs and 120 frame pattern combinations are not enough to placate your innovative vigor, now you’ll truly be satiated as you’ll be able to import unlimited amount of designs to your machine!

  • Respectable 4×4 Inch Embroidery Area

We have to mention at this point, that this unit is custom tailored for embroidery to the core. That means that quilting anything bigger has not really been a function for the PE525 and that’s why there’s been zero reason for a bigger area.

  • Roomy LCD Screen

We really liked the LCD screen and there are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, it was emanating its own light so practicing embroidery during the night was never an issue.

Second thing that gelled to our minds were the buttons to the right side of the machine.

Perfectly broad, visible and dedicated to their function, they’ve made operating this product a breeze!

  • Free Technical Support For Life

Perfect for the newbie who we’re sure will have a lot of questions tied to the field of embroidery once he truly commits for a machine.

We have tested the customer service support line for a few times, using different numbers and personas each time, in order to not get treated any differently for our reputation in the embroidery sphere.

We have to say that the conversations were always pleasant and that a lot of care goes into the answers provided.

  • Switch Between Multiple Styles

We do not usually point out specifications such as these as one would look at them as redundant.

Hear us out; Out of all the embroidery machines we’ve put to the test, this is among the very few that has been consistently delivering top-notch designs, no matter what style we chose.

This is huge as you are no longer tied to just a few fundamental styles and you can keep the machine running for as long as needed.

There is also a hint of a sort of feminine touch when working with it, it isn’t really tangible or describable with words, but you’ll see it when you take a look at the end results.

  • Internet Connectivity Supported

Not only can you use it to download thousands of designs but also, all of your software updates can be done with a simple push of a button.

This is the convenient way out and we have to commend Brother Sewing at this point for thinking of those that have multiple embroidery machines sitting at our confines.

Imagine how clunky it can get when all of these need tinkering with!

  • Bright LED Light

You’ll never have to stop running the presses with this machine. Not only are all the screens equipped the lights, the table itself, as well as the entire embroidery area is completely lit with a bright light.

The good thing about the lightning is although it is quite strong, it is not straining to the eyes, making it quite possible to spend hours of joy sitting and embroidering right next to it!

  • Strictly Used For Embroidery

Some machines are multi-faceted and truly offer a lot more value than this one but there is catch.

You see, this unit is a true expert in its own field and no multilateral machine can beat it in that regard.

You’ll eventually have to make the choice between expertise and singularity or a bit of something from everything.

This product isn’t the latter.


  • Made For The Apparel Designer
  • Compatible With Websites Such As
  • Illuminating Lights Shine Through Your Workplace


  • If You Want To Do Anything Else Other Than Embroidery, You’ll Be Left Disappointed


The Brother PE525 is a true artisan in its area of expertise and little to no embroidery machine can come close to its prowess.

This all comes at a stake when you take a look at the invariability of the machine.

Nonetheless, speaking of embroidery, no machine offers as much versatility, pandering to the creative spirit and hours of fun as this model.

A perfect product for those who know what they want and a purchase one doesn’t regret!

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