Brother PE770 Review

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Embroidery has been around for almost as long as the human species themselves. The crafty art of decorating all sorts of fabric with little titbits of appealing material has pushed itself into the mainstream and now is gaining popularity more than ever.

What is most surprising to newcomers and veterans alike is the fact that even though technology has vastly improved over the course of the last century, embroidery has pretty much deteriorated as a direct result of the ‘quantity versus quality’ mentality that has entrenched itself into our lives.

Having knowledge about such a little-known secret is paramount when getting yourself a professional embroidery machine as they are quite the investment and considering the warranty and longevity of such a tool, it is not a purchase you want to be repeating in a subsequent manner.

Luckily for us, Brother Sewing has once again proven their worthiness as a legitimate competitor in the world of embroidery, and the fact that the PE770 is acknowledged as one of the finer pieces on the market is only fueling that statement.

To really understand and have a proper comprehension of what the PE770 brings to the table and WHY it provides the owner with so much value, we have to look at its benefits as well as drawbacks.

Brother PE770 Key Features

Unlimited Creativity

I have talked about the negative effects of massive consumerism on the art of embroidery at the start of this article. Art is about creating something new and not submitting to the mundane, stale and dull designs that mass production often brings with itself.

Considering the fact that this baby has over 136 unique embroidery designs, all customizable with six fonts only goes to show just how much time and effort went into ensuring that you will never get the same results twice!

Did I mention that you can also choose between all sorts of different shapes and styles and to top it all off, as icing on the cake, twelve one-of-a-kind border styles?

What more could one ask for?

An LCD Display That Puts YOU In Control

There is nothing worse than handling a machine and not knowing what the hell is going on.

This can be extremely off-putting for beginners as the confusion that arises can frustrate even the most ardent of users.

With a nice little LCD screen, you can preemptively spot any sort of flaws and quickly fix all sorts of blemishes.

Additionally, one can also see what their product will look like one’s its freshly of the oven, without having to invest precious resources into actually embroidering it.

My only complaint would be the size of the screen. It might just be personal preference, but I would like to see newer models feature even bigger screens!

A USB Port- When Technology Meets Tradition

Although I’m not a fan of polishing the fine art of embroidery too much and this definitely is a move that pushes it, I’ve come to realize that sometimes technology can supplement a device and make it even better.

With that being the case, I’ve found that once I start the creative process of designing my apparel, a lot of the times I tend to forget to actually sketch down all of the ideas I’ve had!

This can be really frustrating if you are not a bearer of an eidetic memory, which unsurprisingly, most of us are not.

That is why the integrated USB really comes in handy as it enables you to save and later use an almost unlimited amount of designs!

Cons of PE770

Limited Use Outside Of Certain Countries – This one hasn’t really affected me personally as I was born and raised in the US but I can see how such a peculiarity can hinder this product ever reaching the global sphere.

Make sure to own and use a power outlet that SUPPORTS an energy output of 120V AC as otherwise, if an unfortunate accident were to occur, your warranty would be nulled and your money would be wasted.


Although I’m saddened by the constraints of usage for potential customers outside of the US, I have to hand it to the PE770; The intermingling of technology and tradition leads to the machine that both keep the user engaged and enthralled while simultaneously providing him with the latest technological perks, making his life much easier.

A definite recommendation for every serious embroidery enthusiast out there!

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