Brother SE1800 Review

Brother SE1800

The one caveat we’ve also had about Brother sewing machines was their small 4 by 4-inch spaces for embroidery. That seemed to be their golden rule and as far as we were concerned, it wasn’t budging any time soon. That is why the Brother SE1800 is so important in revolutionizing the company and upholding its already high place in world of sewing.

What that specific is, you can already tell as we’ve spilled the beans a bit too early. Don’t think that this is the only thing the SE1800 excels at, as we are about to enter an untapped world full of wonders!

Brother SE1800 Features Overview

  • The 5×7 Inch Embroidery Space

You knew it was coming, didn’t you?

The only thing better than the additional space is the fact that now you can sew, quilt or design all sorts of apparel, despite their disparity in size.

Did I mention the 5×12 inch multi-position frame?

Brother really did their due diligence when it comes to their customer complaints and that’s only one of the reasons why they’re among the best in the industry.

  • 136 Built-In Stitches, Over 180 Embroidery Designs And Much More!

Having a bit of everything is one thing, but combining it all into one machine isn’t an easy task and I’m sure that the manufacturers can attest to that.

Reflecting Brother’s solemn vow to deliver the highest quality on the market, they have supplied us with ten frame shapes and twelve border styles.

The sewers among us are not left to despair as the ten integrated buttonholes make no coat strapped for buttons!

  • USB Port Supported

Creativity has never been an issue for the SE1800 as you can simply import all of your previously designed styles and incorporate them into your current project.

Simply stick the USB into the designated port located near the embroidery table and you are good to go for another eternity or two!

  • Advanced Needle Threading System

Pushing the thread through the needle doesn’t have to be a dreaded activity as the SE1800 automates it all!

Simply pull the lever and the bobbin system in place will automatically push the needle through the thread.

  • Integrated Lightning On Your Workspace

You no longer have to worry about nighttime settling you apart from sewing as the light is bright enough to make every piece of fabric shine.

This is especially recommended for usage when tinkering with darker-colored fabric, even during day-time as the electricity output is economically feasible for the value gained!

  • Sideways Stitching Enabled

For those of you that don’t like the constant twisting and turning around during the sewing process, the sideways option is oftentimes a godsent.

There’s just one problem, it is rarely an integrated option but merely a nice thought that so happens to stick by the sewing process.

The Brother SE1800 goes out of its way to bring conformity and flexibility into your life, as the sideways sewing option is no longer a dream but a feasible reality!

  • Accessories Included Free Of Charge

The amount of value you gain from purchasing a Brother product is always hard to quantify as they really go out of their way to satisfy every customer.

To begin with, we would have to mention the added stitches; including but not limited to a, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, and a blind stitch.

Also included is a stitch guide, an adjustable zipper piping, and eleven sewing feet.

  • Accompanying Bag Included

While carrying the case with the model inside, the youngest and newest addition to our crew mistakenly tripped on the new staircases leading to our office, dropping the machine for quite the lengthy trip.

It fell to the ground, making a huge crashing sound as it reached the floor and our first thoughts were settling for the worst; we would have to get a new one.

After taking our chances and opening the case to see the damage for ourselves, we were quite surprised that there were zero scratches.

Also, the machine suffered no decline in performance which was astonishing to say the least!

Suffice to say, someone didn’t get reprimanded that day!


  • Going Sideways Is No Longer An Obscure Craft
  • Over Twenty Additional Supplements Accompanying A Purchase
  • The Protective Carrying Case Can Survive Quite The Abuse


  • A Hoop Wasn’t Included In The Purchase


To conclude, an improved and upgraded machine in comparison to other Brother models.

Having listened to what their customers were lamenting about helped them create a model that is suited for both the beginner, as well as intermediate sewers!

Be forewarned that you will have to make an additional purchase in the form of a larger hoop, but that transaction proved itself to be more than worthy as it made the entire experience whole as a result.

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