Brother XR3774 Review

Brother XR3774 Review

Known as a cheap sewing machine on the market, Brother XR3774 has enjoyed quite the controversy.

On one hand, with the company’s main goal being the providing of affordable yet professionally geared sewing machines, a logical question poses itself:

Where is the schism between saving a couple of hundred bucks and enjoying a well-equipped machine and buying a model that has been barely scrapped together to look like a sewing machine?

This was our biggest concern when approaching the XR3774 as there is a certain line that once crossed, turns the wish to save a couple of extra bucks into a customer’s biggest financial mistake.

With all of that in mind, let us take a deep look at thus item and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Brother XR3774 Features Overview

  • Supports Quilting In Addition To Sewing

Besides the accompanying quilting stitches added to the fray, a large table was supplied as well, enabling you to turn a seemingly small working area into a full-fledged quilting factory!

Experienced sewers know how frustrating it can be to hold the two pieces of fabric you’re trying to sew together, so the large table often comes in as a blessing as it leaves room for everything on the table.

  • 37 Built-In Stitches

Among them, at least a couple are used for strictly decorative purposes, enabling you to take it serious one day, while turning your workshop into a creative haven the second day.

The best thing about the respectable amount of stitches featured in this unit is that it doesn’t overbear the user with too many options, while still leaving him with the room to decide what to do.

There’s also a one-step buttonhole included, enabling you to simply integrate buttons into all sorts of light or in most cases, heavy fabric.

  • LED Lights

Illuminate your work area and don’t let the grimmer side of the day take you away from sewing!

Sewers that have been loyal to the craft for years on end know that besides the veiled night, dark fabric poses the biggest threat to frustrate and demoralize the sewer.

That is no longer the case with the bright and illuminating LED lights, working as a source of strength and precision in the nick of night!

  • Rotating Stitch Selector

Don’t meander in the heaps of stitches available at your disposal as now, you can track and select the type of stitch best suited for the situation by simply gazing at the stitch selector!

How convenient is that?!

  • Automatic Needle Threader

This was quite the surprise to behold, as it is rarely seen that lower-end models feature this type of sophisticated component into their build.

With the integrated lever used as the agitator for the magic show, a simple pull puts the thread through the needle, saving you hours of grievance!


  • Versatile Machine That Can Do Multiple Jobs At Once
  • Suited For The Beginner With Easy-To-Replicate Features
  • Includes Components Of Extravagant Machines At A Lower Price
  • Has A Large Quilting Table, Barring The Need For An Additional Purchase


  • No Thread Cutter
  • Professionals Will Find The Model Boring


What really would have made this model perfect, is the inclusion of a thread cutter.

We might be asking for a bit too much but that’s the one thing we felt missing during the course of putting this machine to the test.

Another thing to note is that while this unit is quite charming on its own, if you have been around for a long time, you won’t find the XR3774 any interesting to play with.

On the flip side of the coin, if you are starting out or don’t have a lot of experience, settle for this machine and live happily ever after!

The rotating stitch selector, the large table and the automatic needle threader enable the urchin in the field of quilting to gain a quick lead on the more experienced sewers, making him feel like a champion!

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