EverSewn Charlotte Review

EverSewn Charlotte

EverSewn has always been a step above the competition when it came to contemporary design; they always strived for innovation, refusing to submit to the stale, traditional and conservative trends.

With the modern consumer being their number one priority, they are shooting for accompanying the ever-so changing modern style of living and incorporating that into their sewing machines.

Charlotte, their newest addition to the fray seems to embody all the aforementioned characteristics.

Her sleek and stylish design, her gracious and compact build and to top it all off, the nubile nature of her appearance make for an unforgettable meeting with the Charlotte!

Let’s take this a step further and delaminate this model to its core.

EverSewn Charlotte Features Overview

  • 70 Stitches With A Width Of 7mm

Enough to set your creative spirits free while not becoming too clunky.

This really is the best choice for the newbie that just stumbled upon sewing machines as it lets him discover the world of sewing and embroidery, without bombarding him with heaps of information at once.

  • Illuminated Stitch Panel

Although it lacks the usual LCD screen that many machines seem to embody, it has a nice and simple stitch panel from which you can track the particular style you chose as well as the length of your stitch.

Even if you forget what style you picked, the panel is always readily available, displaying the currently selected stitch and alerting you to any changes that might transpire!

  • ISO 9001 Certified

If you aren’t a manufacturer or a professional reviewer, there is little chance that you have heard of this term before.

Be it as it may, getting an ISO 9001 certification means that the producer, in this case EverSewn, continually provides products that meet the highest standards of quality.

And how wouldn’t they, judging by the sturdy metal frame included in each and every of their products, it comes as to no surprise that they are widely respected in the world of sewing.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

Never waste a second of your life with the needle and the damned thread. Simply pull a lever and watch the needle effortlessly go through the thread.

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze us!

  • Supports Quilting And Embroidery In Addition To Sewing

You can turn your machine into a quilting machine with a simple lowering of the feed dogs.

Create beautiful quilts and embroidery designs by using the simple, yet powerful transformation kit made possible by the people behind EverSewn.

  • Foot Pedal Unnecessary

The Charlotte is all about convenience and fluidity.

If the speed of your unit ever gets too uncomfortable or unsuitable for the job, simply press a button located at the front of your machine and adjust the speed accordingly.

  • Transportation Made Easy

The one thing notable about all EverSewn machines is their ability to seamlessly be transported into any place without much hassle.

This is all owed to their lightweight yet sturdy build, leaving no room for error behind!


  • Do Three Different Things With One Machine
  • Perfectly Suited For Beginners
  • Control Stitch Width Or Speed With A Press Of A Button
  • Built To The Highest Possible Standard
  • Stitch Reference Cards Makes Sorting Out Your Styles A Breeze!
  • Affordable Price-Point


  • Lacks An LCD Screen
  • Professional Sewers Might Find It Too Simple


Truth be told, we were very impressed by the Charlotte. There are, however, things that we want to point out before mindlessly peddling this product.

Although this model was made with the newbie in mind, it offers little for the professional sewer and will most likely be seen as stale by him as he is already acquainted with all the inner workings.

To conclude, with its multifaceted ability to turn into a sewing, quilting or embroidery machine coupled with details specifically targeted to make the life of a newbie easier, this model is the perfect purchase for anyone starting out!

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