EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine Review

Ever Sewn Hero

EverSewn is known for the compact and sleek design in their embroidery machines. Although not very known to the general public and enjoying a status of the up-and-coming underdog, it will be exciting to see what their product has to offer.

Judging from our first impressions, this machine seems to not only embody multi-functionality in its set of skill but also the tools necessary to go from zero to Hero!

EverSewn Hero Key Features

  • Robust Design

Besides the general outlook of the machine, one of the primer things to note is the sturdy and headstrong way this machine was built.

As compactness has been the number one priority for EverSewn, it is expected to see such a corpulent machine out of their woodwork.

  • Over 400 Different Stitches

Not all of them are strictly made for sewing while completely disregarding embroidery and vice versa!

That means that out of those 400 stitches, you will find the fundamental ones, coupled with the decorative ones to add a bit of flavor to your apparel.

At last, if you really want to embellish your shirts, the alphabetical pattern will really come in handy!

We forgot to mention that all of these are accompanied by forty unique embroidery designs ingrained in the Hero from the moment you open the packaging.

  • Overabundant LCD Display

Just take a look at thing! On first notice, one would think that all these buttons accompanying the screen would get clunky, but think again!

After careful analysis and testing, we’ve made it out unharmed, realizing only one thing; every button not only has its unique purpose but is batched together with buttons operating in a similar vein.

That enables you to say, alright the left side is for embroidery while the right side is reserved for sewing, making it very easy to navigate through the options!

  • Sophisticated Monitoring Technology

Whenever your bobbin thread is running low, the machine will automatically start display a flashing warning that will alert you to the problem.

Never put any of your products or the machine itself in to jeopardy as this mechanized feature prevents the ills from happening without you having to do anything!

  • 800 Stitches Per Minute

With the upgraded engine running the interior of the product, you’ll never complain about the job being too stale to too boring to complete.

This is the type of machine that brings you from an invariable design to a flashy new piece of clothing in lightning speed!

  • Large Embroidery Module

With the industry standard being at 4×4 inches, the Hero really broadens your capabilities by offering you extra space for all of your embroidering needs. By another 2.5 inches to settle the debate.

Not only does it let you handle larger apparel, but it is there where the integrated USB port is localized, enabling you to take embroidery to a whole different level!

It’s just great to see that every aspect of this machine has been given the necessary attention it deserves.

  • Speed Control And Ten Integrated Buttonholes

Judging by the gracious amounts of buttonholes present, ten, to be perfectly frank, you’ll no longer shy away from any sort of coat that needs a little extra handling.

Space won’t be an issue at all, with the aforementioned embroidery module!

To really put things into perspective, consider the ability to completely control the speed of sewing.

Any experienced sewer knows that speed isn’t always the best option, especially for apparel that requires extra attention and care when handling.

  • Additional Accessories Granted Upon Purchase

This versatile machine includes a lot of crucial additions.

To name just the most important one, the eight presser feet given at your disposal really help you hold any fabric flat, no matter what sort you’re dealing with!

We also have to give a complementary mention to the free arm that is so significant in making your sewing time a more relaxed experience that it would be pointless to leave it out.


  • A Specialized Embroidery Module Leaves No Soldiers Behind
  • A New Level Of Control And Versatility
  • Includes Eight Presser Feet And More!


  • It Lacks An Automatic Needle Thread Cutter


To summarize, a great shot at the top brass, such as Brother Sewing and a valuable addition to any home in need of a versatile sewing and/or embroidery machine.

The absence of an auto-needle thread cutter was a bit worrying at first, but after a few tries, we came to the conclusion that it is but a minor nuisance in the face of the grand picture.

Given the lower than usual price-point, it is a great purchase for anyone searching for a sturdy yet satisfying-to-use model!

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